International Diploma Of Hair Dressing Design

Hairdressing,Hair cut Stylist


 (one week 2/3 days class)( 3 to 6 months)

Module level 3

Course Fee: Malaysian RM6,988 (included SKM level 3 only for malaysian)

(international student price Rm9,988)

Additional Information: ( Free hair cutting sets)

Hair cut Products and tools are Provided during Classes.



Course Outline:

  • Theory introduction about hair
  • Client Hair care consultation
  • Indroduction to hairdressing proceduce SOP
  • How to identify client Face shape 
  • How you design Hair style for different type of face shape
  •  wash and blow hair 
  •  Understanding and applying tools & equipment for hair cutting
  •  Diffrent Skill of hair cutting                                        
  •  Free hand hair cut
  •  Various hair cut for female
  •  Various hair cut for male
  •  Varios hair cut for kids
  •  Hair & scalp treatment

(barber hairstyle)

*hands on practical

*Class flexible 

*part time class

*free one fake model hair cut practise

*register fee only Rm880. one to one teaching

*International Certificate of  Hair dressing


Assessment : Theory and Practical

Qualification : Certificate of hair dressing stylist

Personal Grooming Makeup & Hairstyle Course

Duration: 25 hours

5 days (4 hours/ lesson per day)

Course Fee:


Course Outline:

  • Theory on Self-grooming
  • Analysis of Skin Tone
  • Determining Suitable Makeup Tools and Products
  • Colour Matching
  • Communicating with Customers
  • Application of Foundation, Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Eye Shadow Blending and Colour Matching, Artificial Eyelashes
  • Various Makeup (Different Styles and Occasions)
  • Personal Hairdos

Assessment : Theory and Practical

Qualification : Attendant Certificate

Hair color Stylist course

Duration: 72 - 90  hours (2 -4months)

module level 2

one week 2 /3  days class (one lesson 3 hours) 

Course fee Rm5,988 (inluded skm level 1 & 2 for malaysian)

(international student price: Rm7988.)

Additional information:

>Hair color and products provided during class

>Client Hair care consultation

> Explaination hair theory

(Penjelasan teori rambut)

> Explain hair color patch test (chemistry) 

(Terangkan ujian tampalan warna rambut (kimia)> understand hair color code)

> understand hair color mix

 ( memahami campuran warna rambut Technique apply hair color )

> Technique apply diffrent type of hair color

(Teknik menggunakan warna rambut yang berbeza)

> Highlight  of hair color 

(Sorot warna rambut)

> 3 D/ 5D hair color/Bayalage hair design

> hair treatment

(rawatan rambut)

>Tecnique Rebonding

(Teknik Rebonding)

>  perming hair technique

(teknik perming rambut)

>  Hair bleaching

(SIJIL color rambut)* Certificate of Hair coloring*

register only ee Rm880.(provide one to one class)


Assessment : theory and practical hands on

Qualification : Head To Toe Certificate in hair coloring