Professional Certificate Of Laser And Light Safety (Level 1)

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Professional Certificate Of Laser And Light Safety (Level 1)

Professional Certificate Of Laser And Light Safety (Level 1)

Duration:   12 hours (2 days)

Course Fee:   RM 1,300.00

Course Outline:


Lasers and light are commonly used machines in Aesthetics and beauty. With proper handling and usage, tremendous results can be seen in the way skin is treated however, there are many types of lasers and lights that are used in the beauty and aesthetic industry, and although it is easily available in the market, its users must be well-versed with general precautions in handling lasers, the types of laser, its specific indications and in correlation with the patient’s skin before firing a laser machine. Using lasers and lights without fully comprehending each device will cause unwanted results and complications.

This course will cover all the above areas to aid a beauticians in the correct ways of laser usage and its safety measures by understanding about each device and to aid the practitioner to produce optimal results while preventing complications.

Theory & Practical
  • Basics of Laser and Light
  • Laser Beam Injuries, Laser Hazard and Safety Standards
  • Laser & Light Emergency Procedures
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment Protocol
  • IPL for Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Reduction
  • Safe Parameter and Skill to Perform Safe Practices

Assessment:   Theory and Practical, Preparation of Portfolio, Oral Questions

Qualification:   Professional Certificate of Laser & Light Safety

Entry Requirements: 

  • Compulsory to have one year working experience in beauty industry

Career Opportunities:

  • Cosmetic laser technician (generally work under the supervision of a medical doctor in a medical spa/ salon)

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