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Professional Threading

History Of Threading

While Threading is still relatively new hair removal

tecnique in the western world,its has been used

in eastern countries of centuries of centuries

though the exact origin of the tecnique are

known many belive it originated in

the middle east south asia and spread

to become popular

far est like china

though eyebrows are the most popular area for

threading in the western world.

In India Threading was traditionally used

to remove hair from othet parts

Of face as well,the upper lip.chin,sideburns the cheek were all

subject to hair removal by threading.

and now some saloons offer this servicer additional

to eyebrow threading.


  • safety and hygiene
  • new style
  • old style

    ~ONE DAY  class six(6) hours~

Rm688 nett Free one Organic Thread

    included products

Assessment : Theory and Practical

Qualification : Threading Certificate